Built for SCUBA Divers FREE for Divers

Centralized records

Know when your equipment is due for maintenance and access warranty information with a click. We automatically organize your receipts for you. Also handy for insurance!

Track classes and certifications

Plan your classes and track certifications online. Our social calendar lets you view your favorite instructors’ schedules with a click.

Stay in the loop with notifications

We’ll keep you in the loop and notify you about upcoming classes, events, and trips. We’ll also let you know when insurance is expiring, and other important details so you can focus on the fun.

Go social

Connect with your favorite dive shops for news, events and deals. Or, connect with other divers.

Built for SCUBA Professionals FREE for Professionals

Lose the paper... without losing the information

  • Keep track of classes and events online.
  • Stay up to date on certifications, insurance, and equipment maintenance with automatic notifications.
  • Maintain a full history of classes, events, and students.

Powerful features built for instructors

  • Quickly log classes and events anytime, anywhere in the world
  • Track your earnings…we do the math for you.
  • Bill the dive shop with the click of a button.
  • Centralize your logs in the fireproof, theft-proof, forget-proof Internet cloud.

Go social and reach more students

  • The Scheduler keeps your events easy to read and well-managed
  • Share your class schedule online
  • Add students with a click

Built for SCUBA Stores

Built to solve the unique problems faced by dive shops

Built for SCUBA Manufacturers and Brands

Inside access to your products and the divers who use them

Detailed reports you’ve always wanted…but never had

Imagine a Google® just for real-time SCUBA marketing information. See where you've never seen before to hit the market like never before.

Get up to the minute reports on product usage, demographics, sale prices, trending products, regional opportunities, and more. Need more data? Just ask. We’ll build a custom report just for you.

The new (non-marketing) Marketing

When you add your product information to Visible Divers, it's not only shown to the stores who carry your brands, it's shown to the ones who don’t. How's that for market penetration?

As soon as you update a product in our system, it’s also instantly available in every dive shop’s inventory. No more calling and emailing every shop to update their individual inventory systems.

Control your brand in the SCUBA network

You’re in control of your product information for all dive shops to see and use. If dive shops manually enter one of your unlisted products, you’re notified and given control of the entry.

Create Purchase Orders anywhere

Arm your sales staff with the only mobile app designed for SCUBA purchase orders. They can work online or offline. No more phone-ins or lost orders!

Video Tutorials

Learn to do anything in a minute or less. It's that easy.

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